Bear with me while I start this experiment...

I'm a single woman. How I got left off that bus, I'll never really know. I have a dog. I had a dad until October 16, 2007. I still have an 81 year-old mother that I adore. I have two brothers. We'll talk about them later.

My friends keep telling me I should start a blog because in their eyes, because what happens to me on a daily basis and how I deal with it makes them appreciate their lives so much more. In the words of my best friend, "I never worry about anything bad happening to me, because it always happens to you!".

My take on life is that most days, I can find humor in anything. Car engine explodes? Well, of course! Find that mouse in your take out? Extra protein! Anyway, you get my drift. will be the victims of my experiment. Hopefully, you'll find this at least amusing, at best, funny. Feel free to shatter or lift my feelings with your comments.


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