Benefits to being Unemployed

If you read my post last night, you'll know that I was up most of the night. Benefit of being unemployed? I slept until 1pm today. Of course we all know that means I won't sleep again tonight (please God, no!!!), but after posting, I fell right asleep. Maybe I'm onto something!!

I have a friend coming by tonight to help me transport a headboard from Cost Plus to mom's house - mom spends her days redecorating now...I'm positive she's making sure she's spending the inheritance!! More power to her, I hope she leaves us nothing.

But the exciting part about this evening will be a pizza. A pizza from Chicago. I have a dear, dear friend in Illinois and she sent me a Chicago pizza. My friend and I will eat, smoke way too many cigarettes and talk. It should be a blast. I have wonderful friends.


Anonymous said…
Enjoy, and tell me what you think of the 'za!! Malnati's is the best!!! (as are you!) :o)
Jackie said…
Hi there! I see that you are showing the world your sence of humor and your writing skills. Good for you! Now, go get a job! Ha ha. Still, if you think that by "blogging" you don't have to talk to me, you are wrong. I will still call you every now and then to tell you MY problems! Oh, and one more thing...get better surf sites-think 1980+. Love you! jackie

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