Catching Up, Part 1

On Saturday morning, I went to purchase the lawn mower - we got it in the back of my brother's car. The man I bought it from lived right by my old high school - I didn't recognize it or the neighborhood anymore. Anyway, we get it home and my neighbor...the husband of the crazy woman is out in his yard. I asked him if he could help me get the lawn mower out of the car and he did.

Mom was with me, so I just wanted to shove the mower in the back yard and get her home. I went to the gate, and it wouldn't open. I peered over the fence - and found my neighbors wife had not only put "the bag of clothes" over the fence, but the rest of her house as well. A full bedroom set, including a queen mattress and box spring, microwave, boxes of books, clothes...well, you get the drift. I shout at the husband "Look at this!!" He looks over and says "those are my wife's things!".

Well, duh!

I went insane. I told him what she had said the night before and how she made me go looking for him. He said "yeah, I took her dog to my mother's and stayed there because we had a fight and I didn't want to talk to her." I told him that under NO circumstances did I want to be in the middle of any of their fighting and to get that stuff out of my yard right now. He did. He was very apologetic, saying she was "gone" and reminding me that she's "crazy".

Imagine. Sometime during the night, she went into my yard, back and forth, with all of her stuff. I knew my walls were thick, but damn! Had I known she was doing it, I would have called the cops. I haven't seen her since, but if the routine goes as normally planned, she'll be back in a week or two.

Part 2 to follow...


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