Catching Up, Part 2 - Or Man, Do I Need a Man...

...but only for the yard work!

So, the lawn mower I bought is strong, but missing a few parts. Like the electric starter. I had to order those parts for it, hopefully they'll arrive before my next yard experience.

I've found that not only am I in very poor shape, but it's likely I'll kill myself before the lawn dies!!

The crazy neighbor's husband's friend that showed up with a mighty amount of drinking products started the mower for me. We raised the wheels as my lawn has not been mowed for a month. All I can say is thank God for self-propelling mowers, or I would have had a heart attack doing this.

I have a large front yard, and even bigger back yard, so this was no small feat. (The batteries in my camera are dead, I'll post pics once I remember to buy them). I've already taken out the horrible junipers in front (which are still waiting to be chopped up and taken away...laying by the side of the house) and replanted with fountain grass - which is growing so fast I may not be able to keep up with it.

Anyway, I get the mower going and manage to get the front mowed - a few scraped up spots until we got the wheels right. I was severely red-faced and pouring sweat (combine these with the hot flashes and I should have lost at least three pounds in excess water weight...but no such luck there). I looked like I'd run three marathons. The neighbor loaned me his electric weed eater, so the edges look like a deranged squirrel decided to lunch on the edges. Cars drove by and I could tell they were all laughing at the poor, sweaty red-faced girl attempting to mow her lawn. By now, my hair was sopping wet and sticking to my head.
It's amazing how when you pay someone to do it, you're quite picky with how the job is done, but when you do it yourself, you're quite forgiving!! I forgave myself quite quickly for the lousy job I did.

It only took me about a half an hour to mow, but about two hours to recover. I stood in a cool shower for a while, but continued to pour sweat for hours. I often wonder if my poor heart will go the way of the family - right now, only my brother Jeff and I have avoided heart attacks...but he's reached his 50s, I have a couple more to go before I'm in the true danger zone. But my heart was a'poundin'!!

I decided that the back yard could wait - and since I can't start the mower on my own without the electric start, I fear it will go until the parts arrive.

Besides, I must recover!! I figure, if I cut the lawn every five days, I may be able to condition myself to actual exercise. Best case scenario is that I will find a job soon and be able to hire someone again!! Until then, I hope the aspirin a day will keep my arteries unclogged for the next attempt...


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