Catching Up, Part 3 - Or Barbara, the Legal Mind

My poor brother...he's done so many drugs in his life and had the shit kicked out of him that his brain no longer functions normally. He has the memory of a gnat. To give you an idea, when I borrowed his car to get the mower, the conversation went like this:

Me: "I'm borrowing your car to pick up the lawn mower."
Him: "Where are you getting it?"
Me: "I bought it used from someone on Craig's List."
Him: "What did you buy?"
Me: "A lawnmower."
Him: "Where?"
Me: "From someone on Craig's List."
Him: "Who is Craig?"
Me: "Give me your keys."
Him: "For what?"

So you see how it goes.

Mom informed me on Friday that he had to appear at the courthouse on Monday for jury duty. Since I actually temped at the court house, I took him for a couple of reasons. One, to actually help him and try to get him off because no jury would be served by him, and two, to see my old bosses and remind them of my face.

Off we go. I had to set the alarm for 7, early for me now a days and I got to mom's house about ten to eight. He and I left and chatted in the car until we got to the court house. Right upon getting to the third floor, I see my old boss. He was happy to see me. I asked him if I could talk to him about my brother's problem and he said sure, right after their morning meeting - give him fifteen minutes.

So I take Clynt to the jury assembly room, and I walk into the jury commissioners office. It takes a minute, but the lady behind the counter remembered me. She checked in my brother and I asked her if I could talk to the judge, or did I have to get a letter...then I asked when they thought they would start calling jurors. She turned to the other girl and said "hey, when are they calling group 136?" I said, "my brother is in group 144." She took his notice back from me and started to laugh.

We were there a week early.

So, after we stopped laughing, she postponed my brother's duty to November to give me time to see if we can get a note from his doctor. Then I went out and told Clynt. After we stopped laughing, he said "I think we need to get mom checked out." and he was right. Mom's memory is starting to be as bad as his, and she's in charge of him.

I met with my old boss and found that the job I put an app in for has 130 applicants. They expected 20. So, if I get chosen to take the test, I hope that I'm allowed in the next elimination round.

So we went home. The Salvation Army truck was there picking up dads old clothes. Mom was walking out in the street looking for her dog (she said it got out when she was giving some stuff to the Army). Clynt, Mom and I start up and down the street calling the dog. No luck. I'm starting to panic a bit, thinking she couldn't possibly have gotten to the big street. Clynt got in the car to go look. I told Mom I had to go to the bathroom and I'd be right back. I headed for the house...

...and was greeted by the dog.

The dog had gotten out, but come back in right away, only mom didn't see her come in.

Yep, time for another visit to the doctor. I figure by the time I get them all taken care of, I'll be hospitalized. I can only hope!

Below are my brothers, back before they were evil!!
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Anonymous said…
You just made my day.

I think I'm mostly amused by the dog slipping back in to the house when your mom wasn't looking!! LOL
Les said…
I have one brother. He is four years older than me. He did so many magic mushrooms and other hallucinatory drugs in the 60's that he is really messed up.
I empathize with you!
R said…
I know someone that is in the same boat. Sucks. Good blogging though.

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