Design on a Dime??

Does anyone really take the advice of these "designers"? My God, the one I just watched was so horrible - and the people "loved" it. They took some greenish paint, mixed it with wallpaper paste, glopped it on the wall and pulled it off with a sheet of plastic. My first thought was "baby muconium", my second was "I hope they never want to do anything with those walls", because now that the wallpaper paste is up, unless they want to scrape and replaster, they're screwed. They tacked some material to a couple of boards, screwed them into the walls and bingo, window treatments!!

The following episode took two filing cabinets, and old door and brown paint and made a "desk". The people actually had a decent looking desk and they replaced it with this monstrosity and called it "eclectic". One of the "designers" took a lamp apart, drilled holes in four books, dropped them to the base of the lamp, hooked it up and put a lampshade on it! When they were done, it looked like the place had been taken over by dumpster divers with zero craft skills. All for under $1000!!!

People LOVE this show, so I'm making an offer. For $1000, I will redo your room without using garbage. In fact, I can probably make your room look fantastic for $500 bucks and I'll keep the change. If you think this show has great ideas, give ME the $1000 and watch what I can do!!


JB said…

Are you wanting to redo your cabinets? If so, it really sounds like you have the ability, which is mostly the go to-it and guts to try. You could send me some pics of what you have and I'd be glad to walk you through the process. There are a number of ways to accomplish newer looking cabs and some will be much easier than you might think.

When my sister first moved out and wanted to have some friends over for a dinner party, she called my mom to ask how mom made the spagetti sauce. Mom spent about 10 minutes going over her recipe. Later mom bragged about how my sister wanted her recipe. Quietly my sister told me she wanted to know how NOT to make sauce. Maybe that explains design on a dime.
Unknown said…
Design on a Dime is actually a show created by high end designers to prove that no one can decorate their home inexpensively.

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