The Hate for Ted Kennedy

Wow, who'd a thunk that after all these years, the hatred for Ted Kennedy was still so high?

In my post, I never said the man was a saint...personally, as a man, he's not much of an example. But for me, the things he's done as a Senator have been good and right for our country. It surprised me at how many people think that means nothing. And no behavior warrants brain cancer.

Maybe I'm a sentimentalist - maybe Senator Kennedy is my last tie to that wonderful, hopeful time in the sixties when his brother was president, or that time when we thought RFK could change the world...I don't know.

I do find it ironic though, that no one feels it necessary to forgive him for his past, regardless of what he's done since. Laura Bush killed a man, you never hear about that. George Bush was a drunk, but that's okay now, he's our President. I find the level of anger directed at Ted Kennedy misdirected and misspent.

But that's just my opinion.


Suzi said…
Barbara…unfortunately political views can color our judgment of the particular person. I agree Ted Kennedy has been no saint, and on many of his causes I firmly disagree…but the fact it...Ted Kennedy have given so much for our country…for his love and dedication of our country, and continues to do so. That should be appreciated and respected. Keep writing…love your blog!

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