Hot Weather, a Gassy Dog and Me

Sounds like a country song, doesn't it?

It has been consistently in the very upper 90s here with high (for us) humidity and I'm just sick of it. Sick to death. I hate the heat to begin with (you can never get naked enough to cool down), I hate sweating and I hate having to do anything in it. This means, of course, that when I need to go to the grocery store the thought of...

A. getting into a car with black interiors;
B. getting to the store before the air conditioner kicks in;
C. loading the groceries in the heat
D. unloading the groceries in the heat

...stops me in my tracks.

I left early this morning to apply for a position in Woodland, about 25 miles from home - by the time I got back to my car it was 92 degrees at 11 a.m. I couldn't shake the sleep from my head; still can't. After debating it in my head all the way back, I decided I was too tired to go to the store on the way home. I still can't decide if the sleepiness is depression, pre-menopausal symptoms, lack of vitamins or just not giving a shit.

For the past three days, Trixie has been "gassy". Clear a room gassy. The only thing I can pin it to is the pack of cheapo hot dogs I picked up as treats for her, so we're gonna cut back on those for a bit. My eyes are still watering from the last blast. Yes, I know, classy stuff I talk about.

I drained my small IRA in hopes I will get two months mortgage out of had almost $6K, but once the penalties and taxes are removed, I'll probably be lucky to get half. But even half is better than what I have now, which is ZERO. They're supposed to send the check Friday. I'll let you know if I have any extra to actually buy myself a drink to celebrate.

Anyway, welcome to my Wednesday. And how are you??


Kristy said…
Yay, Barbara! A fellow summer hater! Jeez, I count the days every year until October! MID-October, because the first week or two has been known to be unseasonably warm! Yuck.

And yuck to the gassy dog thing. We have two and sometimes they pollute the air very nicely!

Sounds like we have decorating tastes somewhat in common. I'm not in to this modern, ugly stuff either. Yuck. (do I hear a echo?)

Anyway, I thought I'd tell you that I did some research today and my new post IS about hot flashes. I've decided to add a 'By Request' feature (or whatever you want to call it). LOL...gotta write something regarding health, don't I?

Kristy said…
Me again...

I've given Mishmash a facelift. I'm now Research by Kristy at

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