The Incontinent Dog

My dog has a secret. She pees when she sleeps. Not all of the time, but on the days she does, it's all day, all night. It's unpredictable, kind of like us humans, but it's terribly annoying.

I'm thinking doggy diapers, but then, she'd chew them off and I'll be god damned if I'm going to be changing diapers on a dog. The vet says this is "perfectly normal" for a female dog that's been fixed. Normal? I've never had a dog become incontinent after getting fixed!! Who the hell are these people? Are there secret factions of our country that dress their dogs in diapers? Whose houses smell like nursing homes? WHY DO I NOT KNOW OF THESE PEOPLE??

Well, I'm off to wash the bedcovers, again...


One of the four dogs we live with has "spay incontinence," a rescue dog that has a whole other list of psychosis and neurosis to go along with her inattentive urine. I've seen her just lay down on the sidewalk and relax, then jump up when her bottom gets wet. We now have a small futon in our bedroom she sleeps on, complete with water proof cover and absorbent bedding that can be washed daily. She is very sweet, and a little damaged, OK maybe more than a little, but what can you do? It's not her fault.

Oh, and if you talk to your vet there are cheep meds for it to, some work better than others, we just limit her water after 6pm and wash a lot of towels.

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