It's a Hat, Honest!

Okay, I promised pictures of the hat I'm attempting. The kit I bought supplied the yarn and this big honking crochet needle. It was too big for me, so I switched to a smaller needle, which is why, I think, I ran out of yarn. Fortunately, I had a "complimentary" color available. Here's where I am so far. I'm thinking it's starting to look hat-like. What do you think?

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

I'm going to try to make a fancy rim for it, but I have a few rows to go yet.

Keep the good thoughts for my friends mother. My friend is on the way to LAX right now (a three hour trip for her). Did I mention she hates to fly? Double the misery for her, so keep sending up good thoughts. Thanks for your great comments thus far for her mom, it's appreciated.


I can't wait to see you model it on your blog!
Great job Barb-making progress! (O:
I've never knitted anything before myself--I should try it.
tiffinniebites said…
not bad, I crochet alot... I should post some of my stuff

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