Little Updates

So, after my lawn mowing experience, I wanted to show you how far I've gotten on the front yard...okay, it's not that far. Still need to extend the flower bed and fill it with mulch...still need to paint the house, but

Here it is when I bought it last November:
Image Hosted by

And here it is so far...
Image Hosted by

What do you think?

Tomorrow, I'll show you my attempt at crocheting - it's pretty pathetic.


Captivated said…
(laughing now) I think that rather that cut grass, I would "rather watch grass grow"! I love your blog and would like to add it to the blog roll on mine. You have such personality...and it's cool. I think we all need to take a few precious moments out of life and...well...shoot something! Good job, well done.
Sara said…
I think it looks much better without those bushes.

Thanks for the comment, I will totally have to check out those site.

Have a great Sunday!
Ginamarie said…
Hi there,

I love your blog page. You have a style of writing that is enjoyable to read. Your house looks great too! I would have guessed Florida, cause when I lived there they had a lot of houses that had your style. I guess California and Florida are alot alike in their environments though.

I'm a brand new neebie to this, just posted my first blog today as a matter of fact. I will definitely keep coming back to yours though (am waiting for your crocheting adventure) hehehhe I also agree with "captivated", I think having to shoot at something would be a real stress reliever, ya know ex-whatever? and sometimes even current, boss, etc. hehehhe

I don't have anyone on my blog roll yet, but would love to add you to it.
Anonymous said…
It looks awesome! I love it! Have you read my hort blog yet? The link is on my thoughts blog.
It's kind of hard for me to see it really well but it looks great from the picture! I think something silver would look great with the purple grass or something with a variegated green/white leaf would look good against it as well. A morning glory, moon vine, or some other vine would look nice climbing up the lamp post or column by the step. Also, something bright maybe yellow would look good with the purple and brighten things up a bit. Of course, I am giving blind advice with only a small picture and I have no idea what your taste or color preferences are!?
You need a gnome! I can't believe I didn't suggest it in my last comment! The wayward Hawaiian brought it up!

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