Need Good Thoughts Spread...

My best friend called this morning to tell me that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. They don't know what kind yet, but she's in the socialized medicine world of England, and they wouldn't even have known had the kids not all got together and paid out of their own pockets for an MRI - her MRI through the system is still 21 weeks away.

My friend is flying to England tomorrow to be with her mom and family and to see what can be done. Over the course of the next couple of weeks we'll find out the type, treatment and try not to kill the doctor responsible for prolonging this diagnosis.

If I could be so bold to ask for some good thoughts from all of you, prayers if you do that, and just general best wishes I can pass on to my friend and her family, I'd really appreciate it.


Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about your friends mom. She is in my thoughts for sure!
My sister was diagnosed with bowel cancer a year ago and she is only 31. She has been through both chemo and radiation therapy plus had her bowel removed and has to live with a bag. All through this time she has kept her great Australian sense of humour and has said that the therapy wasn't so bad. She had days when she felt quite ill but kept her hair (although thinned). In a month she has surgery to remove the bag and and she is cancer free. I don't want to make light of cancer, but it can be beaten and maybe this story will give you and your friend some hope. I have been living in the UK for 2 years but am Australian and have been lucky enough not to have to use the medical system here. Although the waiting times seem to be quite ridiculous I think your friend will be in good care. If they could just shorten the waiting times...

In my prayers

Thank you Barbara! Onwards and Upwards! Hope you will visit again soon :)

Unknown said…
I'll keep her in my prayers.
X said…
my wife has battled cancer for the last three years,our prayers and thoughts go to your friend and her mum

lots of love

andy & mel
X said…
sorry to hear about your friends mum,my wife has battled cancer for the last three years .Our prayers and thoughts go out to them

andy & mel
sexy.celery said…
Sorry to hear about your friends Mum, cancer is a terrible thing that affects everyone it touches.

I hope she begins the road to recovery soon, if that makes sense.
I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's mom. I've said a prayer for her and for your friend.
So sorry to hear news about your friends mom-I'll keep them in my thoughts & prayers!

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