Ted Kennedy and the Democratic National Convention

Most of my friends are Republicans. I'm a pseudo Democrat. Most of the past candidates, Republican or Democrat, haven't thrilled me at all. As a lefty, I can't seem to get behind Obama, nor could I Hillary. I can't get behind McCain because of his war stance. So, I don't know who I'm going for.


Did you see the tribute to Ted Kennedy tonight at the convention? Yes, there is a lot to be said about the Senator from Massachusetts. Many people can't get past Chappaquiddick. Many people can't get past his liberal stance. Many people can't get past the Kennedy sport of womanizing. As some who have lived their lives in the public eye, he's made some horrific choices, and horrific mistakes.

He has, however, made some incredible changes in this country.
Whether he's helping workers hold on to health care, advocating for student loans, joining the picket lines with nurses, helping children read, getting meals to senior citizens or fighting to protect a woman's right to choose, Kennedy has stood up for the rich, poor, men, women, Democrats and Republicans. After watching three brothers and a sister die, he stayed in public service.

And now he has brain cancer. I am not ashamed to say I sent him a "get well" card, and was surprised to receive a note of thanks in return.

When the video tribute was over, I stood and applauded as Kennedy took the stage. No one knew if he was going to be there, and if he was, if he would be strong enough to speak. Doctors fear the exposure to the crowd will cause him to become sick because of his diminished immune system. But there he was.

As he spoke, I could only think of the bravery of a man fighting a death sentence. The same man that as his brothers were murdered, tended to and help raise their children. The same man that delivered eulogies for not only his brothers, but Jackie, John Jr. and Michael. The man that walked Caroline down the aisle. The man upon whose shoulders Kennedy children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren look upon as their rock.

The man who pledged
that "I will be there next January on the floor of the Senate", despite the fact that doctors give him a ten percent chance of living to the end of the year.

And I cried.




Suzi said…
I cried too. It was very touching regardless of your politics..here is a man who has given so much for our country. I actually started to cry watching Caroline, all she has been through..an emotional night!
Joe Baseball said…
Well done, Barbara! And thanks for the kind words about my piece.
ASM826 said…

I see you are a new blogger as well. I read a few of your posts, you're funny and have something to say. Keep writing, and I'll bookmark your site. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a reply.

On Sen. Kennedy, we will just have to disagree. I think his whole life, from getting kicked out of Harvard for paying someone to take an exam for him, right up until recently, has been a sham. The family money and power is all that has protected him. If you want to cry for someone, cry for Mary Jo's mother. She died last week.

I didn't even mention his political stance, the issues he supports that I strongly disagree with. I think he is so morally bankrupt that bothering to discuss his views gives him a legitimacy he does not deserve. But I'll make an exception here.

In one of your posts, you mentioned a friend's mother diagnosed with cancer in England. The family had to pay out of pocket for her MRI, or wait for months for the system. Obama, Kennedy and the Dems are pushing health care as a "right". I do not support making the U.S. health care system look like England and Canada. We would end up with a system that did not provide anyone but the rich and powerful with adequate care.

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