Things That Keep Me Going

My friends and their random acts of kindness.

My mother.

My belief that no matter how bad you have it, there is someone out there dealing with way more difficult stuff than you are.

The brave lady at the store with five kids and MS. The big smile on her face and her laugh made me feel good all day.

My dog.

Believing that there is a reason and purpose for what I'm dealing with.



Joie Mayfield said…
Great list. It's nice to remember what does keep us going. I just wrote about heartache on my blog. My boyfriend just broke up with me. It came out of nowhere, too. :( Sadly, I have to go on. Thanks for some reminders about what can keep me going.

Hi, Lotus frm Asia. My blog is the plc that keeps me sane too. We hv one thing in common..we look aft Mum. Mine just past away not too long ago. I missed her but nothing to regret bcos I did my best. Live life and live it simply and happily. Cheers and keep up the spirit!
Irina Nedelcu said…
hey. just browsing and got to your blog. nice pic btw. i completely agree with the list, though i haven't used too much xanax yet :))
i want to add to it the children smiles, and nature: sun, trees anything that's green. i'm into pictionary too and fast driving but then again so is half of the planet i suppose. i like the fact that your sense of humor prevails. i'll be checking your blog.
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JB said…
Have I got the guy for you, the brother of the most wonderful woman in the world, My Wife Carla. Your attitude and sense of humor seems right in line with ours. He too seemed to miss the bus when it came to town, but doesn't seem to get too worked up over it. He's 40, and though I'm another guy, I'd think he'd be a real catch. Manages a multi-million dollar wildlife reserve and one of the buildings people come to from all over the world to study because of its eco-friendliness. Anyway, love your blog and best, really, best of wishes for you, Trixie, and your mom. Did I mention that Kurt also has his mom and dad temporarily living with him to help them through some physical times. If you need some help with something around the house just ask me at my blog

Have a Great day and,
Smile from the heart, people do see it,


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