A Better Day

Woke up feeling a bit more like me - still have nagging doubts but I'm working through them.

Went to the hairdresser today - this woman is good!! She matched my natural color exactly and put in some really nice highlights. She gave me a really good cut, put enough product on my hair to smother a small animal, but I came out feeling really great. I love hairdressers - they can make you feel terrific...if they're good. I haven't had color or a cut as good as this since I left L.A., and that's something. She was reasonably priced too. I'm recommending her to everyone in town.

I think I'll get my nails done tomorrow, and then attempt to put this body back in order. Unless I win the lottery or find an old, rich man to take money from, I'm going to have to exercise. Can't afford plastic surgery, although God knows my jowls are falling. So, work, work, work.

When I got home I found a lovely surprise - my friend Cath has sent me not just a Chicago pizza again, but Chicago hot dogs, barbecued ribs and cheesecake as well. I'm feeling guilty, as all I did was talk her through a difficult situation...nothing to deserve a huge box of food. I've got terrific friends. I may not have many friends, but the ones I have are quality, true friends. Nothing beats that. They check on me and keep my spirits up. I appreciate them so.

My best friends mom still has not gotten into the health care system - does not know what's going on and is still waiting for treatment. Please keep good thoughts for her. I'm asking Sue for more info so I can start raising the roof in the UK. To say that this is ridiculous is an understatement.

So, which first - a bike ride.........or ribs? Hmmmmm....


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