How Ridiculous is THIS??

So, a recruiter called me for an Executive Assistant/Receptionist position that paid really well. All I had to do was take a "Predictive Index Survey" test.


She explained to me that this wasn't a "personality" test, it was an "index" of what kind of position would make me the "happiest". I had to fall into a pre-ordained profile of this position in order to be allowed to interview for it. *heavy sigh*

Mind you - I have 15 years of experience as both an executive assistant, office manager and customer service manager. However, none of that matters - only the "Predictive Index Survey" will tell what I am truly supposed to be.

She sent me the test - it consisted of two pages. Both pages had lists of descriptive words like "aggressive", "consistent", "loyal", "audacious". Actually, both pages had the exact same words. The only difference was on the first page it says "pick words that describe the way you are expected to act by others", and the second page says "pick the words that you feel really describe you". (You can see the actual "test" here:

She called me with the results today. I didn't match the position because I am management material. Never mind the fact that I would crawl on glass to get a permanent position, they feel that I would "never be happy" in the position because I don't match the positions "profile candidate".

I swear, the job world is getting weirder and weirder in how they pick their people. I can't deny that the description of me matched me to a "t" - but so what? Just because I have management capabilities doesn't mean I couldn't do just as well in an administrative position. Whatever.

Of course, the company she's hiring for doesn't have "office managers" or "customer service managers". She suggested I only apply for those kind of positions. Well, duh!! What have I been doing for the past three months?

Funny, with homes, it's a buyers market...for jobs, an employers market. Maybe I should just apply for a management position at McDonald's. I'll take a copy of my "Predictive Index Survey" and show them that not only am I qualified by my skills and past experience, but that this little test PROVES that I am.

Anyone else ever taken one of these? I'd love to know your results.



Anonymous said…
You're taking the P.I.S. out of me?
Your post cured my Mondayitis, I laughed all the way through it. Actually now that I think about it, it wasn't laughter, it was more incredulous scorn; as if the world doesn't have enough bullshit already.
No, I haven't taken one of these tests, and if I should ever be offered one I would be sorely tempted to drop my pants on the spot and treat it as one would treat any piece of toilet paper and ask the person to dispose of it.

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