Oh so Productive

Well, I've worked three days at the house of horrors - never in my life have I worked for such an unprofessional office. According to the two people that work there - just from overhearing conversations, everyone is a "fucking asshole", payroll is full of "idiots I wish I could kill" and the music is at full volume at all times. I can tell I'm getting old when I wish they'd just turn the music off!!

Anyway, I'm being productive in other ways as well. I finally got all the parts for the lawnmower, put it all together and whammo!! I now have an electric start on the mower. No pulling that cord, which is impossible for me. Problem is, it's been over 100 degrees each day for the past week, with no break until next weekend. I bought a gas can and will get gas tomorrow, but I doubt I'll mow until next week. I hope the neighbors don't get upset.

I was looking for an old time edger like my dad used to have and went on craigslist. You know the old kind with the blade and wheels? Unbelievable expensive, even for old ones. However, there was an ad for a garage sale just down the block from me that listed they had one. I popped off an email and asked what kind and how much. She wrote back "Black and Decker, $10".

I said I'd take it, sight unseen and asked if it worked. She wrote back that it was electric, she just fired it up and it still worked, but the blade needed replacing or resharpening. I ran over to her house to get it. She was very, very nice. We had a really nice chat, I met her husband. They have a 15 year old peach tree in their backyard that produced 1760 peaches this year. Can you believe that? I asked her to keep my phone number for next year's harvest.

She also was selling a sewing machine for $20 bucks. I told her I bet my mom would want it (she did, we're picking it up tomorrow) and not to put it away just yet. She gave me a bunch of home grown tomatoes and I drove away. Really nice people.

So now I have all I need to make my lawn pretty; all I need is a cooler day to work. Since we already know I nearly popped my heart the last time, I'm not mowing on a 100 degree day, no way, no how.

I'm stoked.


Wow, I think I used to work with those people (or maybe just their shallow pool mouth breather clones)with the added benefit of it being NOT climate controlled (read very hot OR very effin' cold) and graveyard shift. I really don't miss then, and neither will you.
Nice find on CL, gotta love shopping with Craig.

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