So I Come Home to This...

Opened up my email and got this message:

I know you usually work with ____, but since she is out of the office today I am contacting you. ____ let me know that they don’t need you to come back to ____, you have done a great job, but they can finish the rest of the project without temp assistance. Thank you so much for representing us well. Please email me back that you received this message and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Interesting. I called the agency on Friday and told them that I didn't like the place; it was very unprofessional and it made me uncomfortable. I'm sure that the agent contacted them and they said "well fine then, we don't need her". Although I don't regret telling the agent that, it bugs me that the agent would go back and share that with the company. It was a temp job - no more, no less - and the agency should know what they're sending their people into.

But I also know that once something like this happens, you are dead to the agency. Oh well, shot myself in the foot. But I know that something better than a job filing will come along. It just makes me mad.

Funny thing was, the company I was working for had us sign a confidentiality agreement today - I wrote in the language where it says
"the company enters into an agreement with" the word "temporarily". I also questioned whether I should sign it because I thought I was under an agreement with the agency. But I signed it and gave it back. Maybe they considered that "insubordination". Who knows. All I know is that from the moment I came back to this town, these are the kind of things I've dealt with. Odd people, odd companies.

Anyway, I took the test for the County today - I think I did pretty well. The math was very basic; except for the division, I think I did okay with it. Lots of subjective questions about "situations" that would be a lot easier to answer if you actually knew the County's policies. However, I do know that "let them fight it out between themselves" is the incorrect answer when you are the supervisor. So we'll see where I rank on the test and hopefully someone will want me there.

Wow, what a weird day.


Always nice to come home and get something like that. The great thing about temp agency's, is that there is no shortage of them. It's just a pain to go fill all the damn paperwork out to switch.
Something permanent should turn up soon.
Unknown said…
Hm, I did a similar thing. My four weeks of work got reduced to three because I finished the biggest part of my job early. I could have spent a long time making sure it was done properly and well, but no, it was 'basically sort of done' so they told me I didn't have to come in on monday. Gee thanks...

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