Well Whooptie Doo!

Not finding any real work on my own, but one agency still continues to try to place me, bless their hearts - because none of the others are doing squat.

Anyway, I have been sitting here freaking out that there is zero money coming in when at two minutes to five she calls. No interview, just "can I show up at ten tomorrow" for a temp job that only pays $11 an hour?

Hell yes I can.

$11 is better than zero. They need help in their HR department with an audit. So, finally, I'll have a bit of money coming in, if only just to pay some bills. It isn't much, but it's something, and maybe they will love me and give me a better paying job.

I have a county test on Monday that they're cool with me taking time off for, so what is there to lose right now?

Since moving to Sacramento, I've done nothing but lower my income. Drastically. But at least now I have a little breathing room...


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