Wonderful Friends

I am constantly amazed at the friends I have. Today I came home to a delivery of many, many Valrhona chocolates. An old friend from high school has the lucky job of working for them and gifted me with enough to last for a year (or about six days in my house). I've never tasted nor cooked with Valrhona, the chocolate Martha Stewart deems best, and I can't wait.

My friend Sue, who's mother is still waiting for a diagnosis (9 weeks and counting - great medical system in England) still found time to send me a couple of women's magazines, a candy bar and some Shepherds Pie mix from England.

My friend Cath, who is the busiest person I know (I'm so jealous of her life - besides a great job, she has a great husband and they go to concerts and ball games...) took time to send me a box of food from Chicago recently. It was promptly eaten.

I feel badly that I can't reciprocate, but when the time comes, I will and it will be so worth their wait!!

The chocolate was even more welcome when I opened the mail and found my property tax ($1141 x 2 payments) is due in November. Looks like I won't be doing anything but working and putting gas in the car - I still haven't paid my utilities...yikes! But, things have always worked out, and I'll just keep pushing along. At least I'm working a temp job, which is more than I had last month.

So, if you're feeling blue, try to remember that there are people out there that love and support you and wish you nothing but good. It really helps you get through the tough times.


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