Horoscopes Make Me Laugh

My life is a daily up, down, think on your feet, solve a crisis kind of life. Every day, I'm weighing thoughts, evaluating solutions...much like a mom with two kids. I have always found this strange, as I didn't have any kids...until 2005. The difference between my kids and yours is that mine are 82 and 59 years old.

So, when I read the horoscope above today, I thought:
My life is all about knee-jerk responses and emotional shifts.

I wonder why today would be any different?
It's a good thing I don't take them seriously, for I'd be worried about the other shoe hitting me in the face.


I think to live in today's world, knee jerk reactions are a necessity.
Sometimes we don't have the luxury of "pausing" and "pondering" a situation. I totally understand about caring for the elderly. We have a senior co-op with 10 seniors and people living with disabilities. If I didn't have knee jerk reactions, I'd get plowed under. I like your thinking. Keep things in perspective and laugh alot.
heidi said…
i write horoscopes 2 days/week for a text company and a weekly one for frothygirlz. and lemme tell you - they are for entertainment only! glad u appreciate that :)

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