I hate cancer...

This is my friend Linda.

A few weeks ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today she got the news that it spread to one lymph node, requiring chemo, radiation, estrogen therapy and more.

Linda is the nicest person you will ever meet. I'm not joking. There isn't a mean bone in her body. She is a font of wisdom, a source of happiness, is full of forgiveness and is a kind and loving friend. She's also a fighter. Cancer picked the wrong person to mess with.

While most of us would be wailing in a dark room, Linda has faced this with an attitude that can only be described as fearless. She starts treatment on January 4th.

I'm asking all my blog friends to say a prayer for Linda, keep this wonderful woman in your thoughts...and pass it on. Will you please?


Wouldn't it be nice if they used all the money spent on waging war and used it on the war against cancer and heart disease, instead? Of course I will include your friend in my prayers!!!!
I will send positive thoughts and strength her way.
Lidian said…
I absolutely will. Many positive thoughts coming your way!
Gretchen said…
Sending loving and positive thoughts for your brave friend. Keep us posted!
Nothing but good thoughts for you friend. Her strength will be tested.
John Atkinson said…
I will pray for Linda. For inspiration go onto my blog and scroll down to A Miracle Woman. My wife won over cancer, one of the hardest to defeat.
You got it (the prayers)! From experience with folks battling cancer, a positive attitude is a big part of recovery. The leaps and bounds the researchers have made in breast cancer treatments are amazing. My friend has done well on Herceptin and has just started treatment on another new drug.
Chris Kauffman said…
Please let Linda know I am on her side , sending her so much love and healing , kick cancers ass Linda

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