Hark! Yonder I Hear a Pair of Loud Pants!


Thou shant forsake the Levi’s High Waisted multi-colored, striped, flared and wide belted Action Pants!

The sheer awesomeness of these jeans has rendered both men into stiff-legged, fisted, frozen states of amazement.  Even the presence of the amply bosomed bikini clad Swede in the background eludes them. 

One must ask what this lass was doing there in the first place – these men are obviously not dressed for swimming.  One wonders, did they make three wishes on this desolate island, with two wishes being “I wish I had some awesome Levi’s and a wench to wash them'”?  Yes, one wonders.


I love your title of this post. I laughed before I even read it. Then I laughed some more.

My theory...the chick is Medusa. Their punishment for wearing such fabo pants? She turned them to stone so she can look at them forever. Apparently, she likes the rear view!
Lidian said…
That chick is a Siren, clearly very disappointed in what she's caught. She is thinking about throwing them back, I believe.

And they are thinking: could we have used too much starch?
Mr. Stupid said…
Maybe they are here to rescue the girl. She got accidentally thrown in the Garbage yard. And then the two guys kept searching for her, but it was she who ultimately rescued herself...lol
No comments on the Jeans...:)
heidi said…
why aren't the gents clad in stripes looking at yonder dame? i think they might be weirder than their pants.
Apparently this was the decade of the nerd model. Those glasses??? Stripey jeans, wide belt, mock turtleneck. I think the wench is just totally laughing and has already told them, "No way Jose!"
Bill said…
The buxom lass does seem like a gratuitous afterthought, doesn't she?
I used to live for pants like that!

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