It’s cool…all over…

Meet Stan. 

Stan thinks he’s cool.  He’s never had a problem getting a date.  Nope, not Stan.  Stan sweats all over, but he just powders 95% of his body and PRESTO! – Date material.deodorant-ad Now, someone needs to talk to Stan about his uni-brow.  And his hair.  And really, no one wears polka dots.  No one.  Not even Clay Aiken.

UPDATE:  After a severe case of Talc Lung, Stan was released from the hospital and moved on from Mennen straight to heroin (talc is a gateway drug). He was last seen playing sax with a jazz band in Louisville, Kentucky. 


heidi said…
this ad does nothing for me but remind me to pluck. ;)
Pam said…
That's some unibrow. He looks like one of the Muppets.

I LOVE Bobby Darin. Thanks for the info. The Yahoo page in connection with your name sounds familiar...I did belong to one at one point, but left because one young girl kept saying perverted stuff basically about what she'd like to do to Bobby. I do belong to a fan page on Facebook; could be yours.
Barbara said…
Pam: I know EXACTLY who you're talking about and she was kicked out of our group. She formed her own, which died quietly! She was on several groups where they didn't censor her at could have belonged to any of them!

Thanks for checking out the blog!
Poor Stan was too embarrassed to discuss the burning and shrivelage that occurred when he sprinkled a little Mennen in his underoos! This probably helped lead him to that heroin addiction and helped him hit high notes in the jazz band!

You're imagination is fabulous!
I can't believe some of the ads you're finding with such geeky looking guys! But I guess we didn't think they were geeky back then. That is one honkin' unibrow!!!
Lidian said…
Poor Stan, he thinks that lack of talc was his only problem!

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