Spaz convention


Here’s an ad with free dance lessons.  Now you just need to find a guy with a plaid belt, or a girl with white tights and you’re set. 

I can’t believe they thought this would sell shirts. 

Carl is now a televangelist and Sally posed for the Playboy “College Girls” layout in 1971.  They’ve been married for 42 years this June.  Or not.


Retro-luxe said…
These ads and your commentary are priceless!
You are so funny! And BEWITCHED is a follower!

That is what my husband looks like when he is dancing. I'm not kidding. He does these moves like he's riding a surfboard. The hands dip down then way overhead then out to the side. I can almost see the wave. We don't dance in public too often. Thank you for reminding me of the word spaz. I am going to use it often in my house. It just fits so many situations. I love your posts.
Back in the day, my sisters and I used to call each other spaz and my mother would have a hissy fit. "Girls, you should be ashamed of yourself for using that word! It means someone is spastic and that they have a disease and can't control their movements. Stop it or I'm going to start washing your mouth out with soap!" Needless to say, the word was immediately eliminated from our vocabulary, but I have to say, it was SUCH a great way to insult someone!
Yarni Gras! said…
omgosh, that is hysterical!

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