Wait, a hair dryer for bald women?

hair-dryer-adSee Kathy.  She has no need for a blow dryer, but since blow dryers are fun like teddy bears, Kathy carries hers everywhere.  350 watts of pure power – kind of like your grandma blowing on your head.  Kathy is amused by that. 

Kathy has problems.


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selling locally cuts out shipping. Because when I sell something it is usually too large to box up and ship.
Lidian said…
But why would it be fun to have if you are bald??

The things they thought would make a good ad!
Unknown said…
That's ridiculous and funny and hysterical and wish I'd found it for retro tuesday. The best retro ad.

Just found you - glad about that!

Mr. Stupid said…
HAHA. This is hilarious.
I guess it will blow the dust off her head....lol
Bill said…
Kathy may have fun with some attachments that they simply cannot show in the ad.

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