Back When Booze Mattered

Four people.  Eight drinks.  And a big freaking display of nuts.  Now THAT’s a party.peanuts

Why waste time on appetizers, dinner and dessert when all you really want to do is get hammered?

Just bring out the nuts – they’re not just a snack, they’re food! (Seriously, that’s what the ad says.)

Two bowls, four cans.  Think of how thirsty everyone will be!  Crack out the highballs!  It will take until at least tomorrow morning for the thirst to wear off.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall after a few drinks are finished.  What do YOU think the outcome will be?


Retro Keith said…
you just reminded me that I need a drink....
I think they will all end up in the pool by night's end sans swimwear. Last one in has to hold the nuts!!
laura linger said…
Your blog absolutely slays me.

A Touch Of Tuesday Weld
Velvet VaVoom said…
That peanut tower is going down.
What in the heck do you mean by BACK when booze mattered? I am seriously in love with that two tiered tidbit thing. And I'm going to force my husband to do his hair like Mr. Brylcream. What a dreamboat!
I think they ate so many nuts and drank so much, when they ultimately threw up, peanuts shot out their noses!
Retro-luxe said…
Possible outcomes: Anaphylaxis, an orgy, a rousing rendition of "Found a Peanut," and most definitely, a hangover. Just hope that tidbit tray stays intact...

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