Bring Me The Head of Barbie!!

I’m not sure what the ad agency was thinking when they thought of this one…


That perfect pin curl is just a couple of pieces of tape away.  She’s got the perfect hairdo, yet no body to go out with.  Unless, of course, she’s Dr. Frankenstein’s latest experiment – he could take her out…the head that wouldn’t die.  He’s got her in a lovely vase…or is it a pedestal…I just can’t tell.  I only know that it’s creepy. 

Scotch says that “receiving a Christmas doll was very important…now being one is.”  Hmm.  Strange.  It truly is.

Now, where can I buy one??


Yes, that is creepy on so many levels. I hope they didn't find her head in a refrigerator. She's still smiling...that is what really creeps me out.
One Gal's Trash said…
That art director certainly had some issues...dontcha think?
Stop on by for a visit!
I bet she talks back and only smiles when the camera is out. I would be yelling, "Where the hell is that fairy godmother? Put me back together now! You just wait until I get off of this damn pedestal! Why did I ever wish to be put upon one. This is not what I meant and she knew it!"
Anonymous said…
Ok, I am just TOTALLY freaked out now!

Sara in AZ

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