Can You Dig It?

This man has fancy pants.  Does YOUR man?  Does any man have slacks this great?slack power  Ya damn right!

He’s a man  dressed so cool below that he doesn’t even need a shirt. He’s a sex machine to all the chicks.

He’s “Anti-Establishment”, and they just don’t mess with him. He's a complicated man, and no one understands him but his woman. They say this cat is a bad mother, but he does a great job with stocks. Right on.

His pants come in four flavors, plaid, check, striped and solid, but these plaid ones are his favorite.  And they come in boy sizes so the son can be as stylish as his dad.  Can you dig it?


heidi said…
once you go plaid, you never go back, I hear...
He can't decide whether to suck it in or stick it out. I wonder if Vintage Christine dated him? Let's ask her.
Boy, your blog attracts all kinds of funny folks! Love Madam's challenge for Christine!

I think we need to introduce Studly Plaid to Mr. Old Spice (his commercial cracks me up!)
Pam said…
Love it! He would've been a nice addition to my Advertising Studs of the 70s post.
Well of COURSE I dated him, and let me tell you, plaid makes everyone look bigger than they really are, if you catch my drift.
capewood said…
For some reason I always associated plaid pants with old men. Guess I was wrong.
Anonymous said…
I'd shag the HELL out of that man. Period.

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