Candy, candy, candy!!!

If you are interested in blogging, may I suggest why that’s a good thing?


You meet people who send you stuff like this!

Christine over at I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage had a contest where she handed out prizes for categories such as the “Marian In Memoriam Prize”, “You Make Me Feel Good Reading Your Blog Prize”, “You Follow My Blog But You Didn't Comment Prize”, and the prize I won: the “I Never Win Anything Whiners Prize (which you'll probably whine about since you didn't win the Grand Prize, but then again you can't whine anymore since I'm making sure you DO win something) Prize”. 

There was more stinking candy in that box than I had a candy jar for!  Notepads, magnets, floating candles, an angel picture, a heart ornament, a frame, a cute little bottle and a plastic shrimp (that clear thing sitting on the candy heart boxes). 

I’m honored, touched, impressed and truly thankful. 

So, if you need a reason to start blogging, use this one.  You meet some mighty fine people.  Go for it.


Alright Miss Barbara, I want to see photos of you with your bright red lips! Chris is pretty good at spoiling her blogging buddies rotten!

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