How to Sleep Well and Look Like a Supermodel

I always wondered how supermodels manage to look so fabulous.  Oh, it’s not the retouching, the camera angles, the eating disorders…it’s the quality of their sleep!  Take for instance our subject model here, Carmen Dell’Orefice.  She’s been a model since time began.  She still looks good, and now we know the secret.


6a01157213c099970b0120a5a95631970b-800wi“Mild and persuasive as a lullaby”!  Take two at bedtime and your supermodel good looks never lessen.  No sheet wrinkles, no puffy eyes, just good, deep sleep. Just pills! During their heyday, they were known on the street as "jelly-bellies".

Mind you that Placidyl is a sedative and hypnotic, highly addictive and can cause convulsions, hallucinations, and memory loss.  But who needs a memory when you’re a supermodel, hallucinations can be fun, and convulsions – well, let’s just pretend it’s part of the eating disorder.


Retro-luxe said…
That's what I've been missing! Oh, thank you, Barbara!
I'm sure the birth defects were minimal! Can you imagine the infomercial for this one...

SLEEP LIKE A BABY followed by 28 minutes of side effects!

Night, night!
All this time I thought it was the Preparation H they used to reduce the under eye baggage.
I remember when Placidyl (such a sweet name) was REALLY popular, but too many people experienced those nasty side effects. I think it's funny that this ad was obviously aimed at doctors.
laura linger said…
It's not fair that we can't get our hands on Vintage Pills such as this. Like, lately I would give anything, just anything, to get my hands on a Qaalude. But NO. The Man doesn't make them anymore.
Bill Abendroth said…
To the Editor:

You mean you DON'T put on a face full of make up (including false eyelashes) before you go to sleep? I am shocked SHOCKED.....

I was listening to the commentary from one of The Sopranos shows, by the young blond woman (whose name escapes me, and I'm too lazy to look it up).

At one point in the show, the blond woman got up out of bed, looking ridiculously hot. The actress (who was providing the commentary) burst out laughing at the very idea she looked ANYTHING remotely like that when she woke up in the morning........

Actually, I remember my friends and I wondering if the Marlo Thomas character in That Girl was on the nod, because her false eye lashes were so big, she could hardly keep her eyes open.....

Bad Craziness.

I remain:
In awe.
Bill Abendroth
Samsara Samizdat
Barbara said…
Ah Bill - your Marlo reference made me think of Barry Williams book "Growing up Brady". He did the That Girl show and said you could bounce quarters off Marlo's immaculately sprayed hair flip.

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