Join the National Guard and Buy a Watch!

You know, I’ve always wondered how to pick up an extra $40 bucks for a watch,Jet06-14-73009 a pair of sneakers…some cool slacks or platform shoes…but not ONCE have I considered joining the National Guard.

Now, according to this ad, I can just do something         “different” and get $40 to do whatever I want!  Solid!

Never mind that the National Guard is usually the first in no matter what the conflict…that cool radio is worth that weekend hassle.  Isn’t it?  I mean, heck, with a couple of weekends under your belt, you can purchase a ticket to that playground Vietnam!!   Who could pass this up??


Beth said…
If fighting means getting to wear those fantastic out viet-cong
Can you imagine a whole troop of American soldiers showing up in that outfit and sporting afros. While the enemy is busy laughing, you just take them out quickly with your really cool belt...snap it quick towards the face and they'll drop like flies.

How do you always manage to get my mind going into really weird places?
RetroRuth said… weekend gets you...a pimp?? What kind of service is this???
happileah said…
Sweet! Advertising isn't as great as it used to be , they try to be way too subliminal. I like this one-TO THE POINT! :)

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