A Major Award!

kreativeblogger from Linda

Okay, so it’s not a lamp made from a plastic leg, but it’s my first and I’m mighty proud!

My favorite chicken lady Anna from Chickens in the Basement gifted me with this major award, and in order to accept, I must tell you seven (that’s 7!) things you don’t already know about me.  Gee, what is it that I haven’t already spilled about?  Let’s see…

1.  I was going to be a journalist and wrote news for broadcast at our local television station way back when.  My dad thought that was a terribly insecure job and badgered me until I stopped.  Promptly thereafter, he begged me to go back, but being 18 and knowing everything, I didn’t and showed him!  (PS: I know, I know.)

2.  I was an emergency med tech for two years.  If someone cuts you in half, I won’t panic and will keep you alive until the ambulance gets there.

3.  I had an IQ of 148 when I was 7.  Each year since, it’s dropped 10 points.  I’m pretty sure I’m at minus 13 by now.

4.  Again, same test, I was not promoted from first to third grade because my social skills sucked!  At 7, I was considered “too bossy” to my peers and was kept in my grade level because I thought way too much of myself. That confidence faded upon junior high when my body did not progress as fast as my brain did.

6.  I have met or worked with hundreds of “celebrities”.  Guess what?  Most of them are just like us, the others are assholes.  Dick Van Dyke is a very nice man, and Jamie Lee Curtis is a raving bitch.  Her yogurt commercials make me gag.

7.  I want to meet a guy who owns a farm in some place like North Carolina or Mississippi and spend the rest of my years rescuing animals.  Men, feel free to apply.  I’m low maintenance and am easily satisfied with simple things.  I’m also about 25 pounds overweight.  Accept that and good things will come to you.

Thanks again to Anna (who I am jealous that she’s received her Valentine prize and I haven’t yet)!! 


laura linger said…
Your blog rocks so much.

Okay, here is who I have met, and impressions of them.

Neil Armstrong: very, very shy, but polite.

Gene Cernan: boisterous, a helluva guy, slapped my 19-year-old behind at a PMO show once.

Lisa Bonet: just plain weird and standoffish.

Leslie Nielsen: possibly the nicest man on the planet.

Pat DiNizio (lead singer of The Smithereens): incredibly sweet and unassuming man (the entire band are a bunch of sweethearts).

Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits): very nice man, very good to his fans.

Stephen Drew (Arizona Diamondbacks superstar shortstop): very kind to fans, but only if those fans are kids. He does not talk to adults and he will not sign autographs for them.

Alice Cooper: very regular joe. Saw him in late 1996 buying frozen pizza, let me go ahead of him in line!

Stevie Nicks: A total, absolute diva, but very kind to her fans and can be spotted around town here in Phoenix.

Oh, there are others, but I can't think of them right now...
My claim to fame...Janet Reno was on our flight from LA to DC when we were coming home from a visit to Australia. She didn't sit in the waiting area with us, but she did fly economy. She was surrounded by ear-piece wearing men who also flew economy! I'm not sure I would recognize anybody famous. Wonder why I recognized Janet?

Glad you like the award. I'll be on the lookout for some single farmer dudes in the area.

happileah said…
Congrats on your award!
I've always pictured Dick Van Dyke to be a very nice man, I'm glad my illusion hasn't been crushed ;)
Retro-luxe said…
A very well deserved award! I'm not surprised Dick Van Dyke was a nice guy. And Alice Cooper rocks!
Very fun post! I haven't met too many celebs but I did meet Bob Hope years ago and he seemed like a very nice man.
Bill Abendroth said…
To the Editor:

I can't recall meeting anyone famous (unless you count Seymour Hersh--which I do, but that's just me). Laura's story about meeting the astronauts makes me jealous.....I'd love to meet Buzz Aldrin (my personal favorite, because I suffer from depression), Charlie Duke and John Young (because everyone loves John & Charlie).

A few years ago, I was in the hospital, and met a woman a little older than me, who had been a waitress most of her life. I asked her who was the most famous person she had met. She told me Brenda Lee (the country singer) and had once seen Mickey Gilly (Jerry Lee Lewis's cousin) playing the slots. I said no--that's no good. So together we made up this really convoluted story about how a young guy came into her restaurant, trying to act all western--but he was just terrible. She told him what he was doing wrong, and gave him a bunch of advice. The guy thanked her, and said that he was an actor getting ready for an audition in a big film, but just couldn't get the part right...this waitress really helped him.

Well, the waitress didn't think anything about it--until about a year later, she's watching Thelma and Lousie, and there's the young guy in the movie! The guy turned out to be Brad Pitt....

(She told me no one would ever believe such a crazy story. I told her people would--but she needed to SOUND extra convincing when she told it).

Bill Abendroth
Samsara Samizdat

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