Only Cool People Smoke Camels


Hmm. Where to start…

Camel filters – sure they’re filtered cigarettes, and only sissies smoke filtered, right?  Well, not exactly.  See Chet on the right?  He’s no hot pant wearing sissy, no sir.  Not like Steve and Dave on the left.  You know they’re smoking those little baby filtered cigarettes with colored papers, not the manly Camels that, even with filters, could tear a lung out and show it to you on the first puff.  And they dress funny too!  I mean really…who wears orange socks??

Thank God we have men like Chet, who spit in the face of health and smoke Manly Filtered Camels.  Because you need a big filter.  The bigger the better.  Big is good.  Cough.


Forget the orange knee-socks. I swear those tight short-shorts are made of corduroy! Can you say swish swish puff puff cough!
Isnt' that a fern bar/restaurant that Mr. Manly Man is departing? Methinks he may not be that different from Mr. Swishy Hot Pants. Because anyone who smokes Camel Filters is a pansy--only REAL MEN SMOKE REAL CAMELS (as in, convicts). You always find such great ads and your comments are always hilarious!

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