A Towel Snap Away from Creepy


Kirk and Dan were just two ordinary men.  Sure, Kirk dug his argyle socks and garters, while Dan ran wild and just dared his plain socks to drop.

They’re both oddly happy to be in their Givvies, free from that “corrugated” feeling with all that “amply roomy”, well, room.

Dan is feeling feisty after trouncing Kirk at badminton and is getting ready to give him that snap of the towel, because men just think that’s the funniest thing since Aunt Mary fell face down in the punch bowl at Sally’s wedding.

It seems as if Kirk is almost gleefully anticipating that snap…I mean really, do men really put on both socks AND shoes before their pants?  I think not. 

Later, they’ll stop for a drink before Dan meets his secretary at the hotel and Kirk goes home and tries to explain to his wife that angry red spot. 

Men.  Huh.


donnam said…
I wished I had on Depends before I read this....Seriously funny!!!!!
Mick said…
You htink up the funniest thigns for these old ads! Haha I cannot stop laughing! In all the 40's 50's mens underwaer ads its always 2 guys grining and one of them is holding a some sort of sporting object haha!
Ha ha ha! Hilarious! And what red-blooded male would ever ask his wife to "buy me some Givvies, hon, when you're out getting some of those pointy bras you wear."?? GIVVIES? What a dumb name! You are too funny, girlfriend.
My husband swims everyday. He's in the locker room everyday....I'm going to have to watch for red welts. And I'm NOT going to buy him any Givves!
Lidian said…
Oh my stars, what is going on here?!

And where do you find these incredible ads?
Only you would notice the shoes on and no pants! I bet men designed that ad!

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