Use a Lemon, Get a Marriage Proposal

In the 1960s, lemons were considered rare, especially in the East Coast.  Lemons were traded much like drugs – first you had to find a dealer in California, and then you had to find a mule to smuggladies-home-journalle them to you.   But they were sooooo worth it.

Just a squeeze of lemon on a steak (or even more stealth, vegetables) could cause a man to instantly propose to you. Because of this odd feature, lemons were banned in New Jersey for years. 

Thanks to technology, scientists found the secret gene in lemons (the “Irrational Lemon Reaction Gene”) and were able to breed it out, so lemons were now considered safe and the bottom fell out of the contraband market.  That’s why they’re available everywhere now.  And aren’t we glad?

Sorry for the delay in posts folks, life got in the way…


I just love the title! Wonder what you would get if you could grow a lemon tree?
Beth said…
Life? What's that? Is that the thing I get back when my kids go to college?
I heard they were smoking lemons in the 60's in California! The webpage for the first fireplace is There are two different websites but this is the catalog that has the most fabulous fireplaces I have ever seen. I don't think they sell these in the U.S. I have to do more research...ha, like I could afford one anyway? Maybe I'll be lucky like Mick and someone will give me one!
Barbara said…
Thanks for the info! Yes, you and I need to start finding money!!
Well, obviously there was something wrong with my parents since we had lemon bushes in all our yards in California (south and north) and they STILL wound up hating each other and getting divorced. I know Mom picked them but maybe she was just squirting the juice in Dad's eyes while he slept . . .

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