When Men Were Men & Undies Were Stylin’

Go ahead, stare.  Adam, Mark and Burt are used to it.

underwear Who could resist a man in yellow mesh undies?  Or the Superman blue with the psychedelic boy briefs?  Or the epitome of manhood, Speedo and Hairy Chest ?

I can imagine that wearing these under a white work shirt was a little difficult (well, except for Mark), and the laughter they must have endured in the gym locker room, well, that’s to be expected from guys not near as perfect as Adam, Mark and Burt.   I’ll bet every man in the 1970s owned at least one pair of these, desperately seeking the swinging life they promised.  I’ll bet your dad had a pair.

I know.  The thought makes my skin crawl too.


If my dad had a pair, he wore them under his white baggy boxers! I wish I could get my hands on some of these just to see if I could get my husband to put them on!
Hmmm. I don't remember seeing anything like those on the guys back then. And there are so many reasons why I DON'T remember that I'll just leave it at that. Thinking about MY father in those things makes we want to throw up just a little . . .

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