Yes, Please!

Miltown plus Estrogen.  hrt30707

For those of you too young to remember Miltown, let me explain.  They were terrific.  Have you ever heard people waxing poetic over Quaaludes?  Same thing, same awesomeness.  See how she’s smiling?  She’s actually completely looped, but she has the added benefit of getting her menopausal Estrogen while tripping on tranquilizers.  And she’s happy!!

All I can say is Yes, Please.  I’d take these in a heartbeat.  Just keep the pre-menopausal woman tranqued and oblivious.  Oh please, oh please. 


I never heard of Milprem. I suffered through menopause with nothing but a few cases of wine. Okay, maybe more than a few!
I'm there with you! MC Madam, thanks for the tip on how to get through menopause. Unfortunately, when I drink wine, I get hot flashes. So, wine plus menopause equals spontaneous combustion! I better stop whining about all of this snow. It might be the only way I can cool off!
Anonymous said…
Too, too funny! I remember when they talked about this on Mad Men! I think they need to manufacture these again. :)

Sara In AZ
Had I known about that I might have taken the estrogen even when they told me it was made out of horse pee. They used to mix up some pretty interesting batches of medicine--I wish I had been around for Lydia Pinkham's magic elixir, too! Stop by my blog--you won a prize! No more whining!!!
Bill Abendroth said…
To the Editor:

To paraphrase Homer Simpson: Miltown--the cause of, and solution to, pretty much all of life's problems.

Bill Abendroth
Samsara Samizdat

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