Antique Show Score!!

Mom and I attend a monthly “antique” show under the freeway here and I scored a vintage chair, recently recovered for $50!!  What do you think? (Disregard dog hair on floor please…)

chair 002

Me digs.


Retro Keith said…
i love it! very clean lines.
Love the chair!! I think that is a very good buy!!
It's beautiful. Reminds me of the coat Jacqueline Kennedy wore to the inauguration ceremony. Pure class.
Perry said…
Love the chair! I'm glad you found out blog and decided to follow, be sure to let us know what you think sometime, we love getting feedback.....
I like the movie poster more. But that's just me. ;o)

And BTW, there no need to leave me your blog address when you leave a comment on my blog. I know your blog address and I have you on my blog roll. Thanks.
Mick said…
I Love it! The 4 buttons just push it over the top!
Carol said…
What a wonder chair but also the poster. Don't you just love hunting.
happileah said…
looks perfect! I need to see more of your furniture, please ;)
Very cool! Are you re-doing your whole house? Is it near your couch? Great match!
Pam said…
Love it! Such a very famous mid-century style for a steal.

But I also love your "If A Man Answers" poster! That's my favorite Bobby Darin movie.
laura linger said…
Seriously, you honestly own a movie poster for If A Man Answers?

Cutest. Movie. Ever. I thought I was the only woman alive who knew about this charming film. (All of my gay male friends know about it, of course!)

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