Cartons of Camay Make Crazy Chicks


Oh my god!  Soap by the carton! And it’s only for Beautiful Women!

I often wonder, did my mother practically pee herself upon sight of new packaging?  Did she gush over soap coming in two sizes?  Did she regale my father of beauty regimens that couldn’t be performed before this miracle?

Actually, I know the answer to that question.  No. 

I do find it interesting that they managed to get a half-dressed woman into this ad though.  I guess that’s for the guys.  I’ll bet some gave these packages as gifts.  “Here honey, I bought you some soap.”

Good times, good times.


Lidian said…
People never really got so darn happy about soap, did they? Only in ads! My mother bought Camay in the 60s and I know that it did not actually inspire this reaction in her :)
cabin + cub said…
Not sure how excited I would be to get a carton of soap as a gift.... hmmm... and one of those ladies in the ad is clinging to two cartons! I guess this was an era before Costco. ;)
I think I would start worrying about body odor if I was given a case of Camay as a gift! Do my pits stink? Do I have the funky ass?

I'd rather have jewelry!
Anonymous said…
Oh, ladies, I know all about Camay. I HAVE ACTUALLY USED IT! Yes! Not only that, but when going through the bathroom cabinets after my father died, I found (gasp!) 23 bars of Ivory soap! I'm not sure that stuff is still being made. At least I hope not. But, every last bar was scooped up at his estate sale, so somebody must need scouring from time to time.

Enjoyed your blog, I am a follower now!

Liz (aka Ninny)

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