Fashionista baby!


Exciting!  Romantic!! Impressive!!!  Fantastically Long!!

You too can have the look of your dreams!  For $6 whole dollars ($200 Canadian), you can get all three face pieces so you can change your looks at will!

Will you wear the Van Dyke alone (the “Jesse James”), or with the Sideburns (the “Elvis”)?  Mustache and Van Dyke (the “Serial Killer”)?  Why choose, when you can have all three for the outstanding price of $6.00!!!

And ladies, don’t be left out!  For an extra $1.95, you can be swingingly different with a beautiful Dynel fall, which can be worn either straight or saucy!!  Whether you twist, bun or beehive it, you have 24 inches of pure SEX for only $1.95!!  Specify the “Virgin” or “Crazy Girlfriend” model when you call!!

Offer ends soon, order today!  Call 999-555-HAIR NOW!!!!

Void where prohibited, see your doctor if you develop a rash.


capewood said…
It looks like you can order any color you want for you fake facial hair. So why do the pictures feature, for example, a blond guy with black sideburns. No one would think that was fake! If a guy can't attract women, a $2 mustache is not gonna help. Although the "serial killer' look does have a certain appeal. Especially with the red hair.
I would have killed for that hair piece in the 60's. My mom kept my hair so short that she only had to cut my bangs every 6 months, I'm sure! She called it a "Boy's Bob" thinking perhaps I'd fall for the chic name! I figured she did it so I'd look awful and never have any fun!

Naw! She was just a typical 60's housewife with 5 savage kids and a 9-5 husband who had a penchant for red meat and potatoes every night!
Yes, I'd like to order a sassy bun, or was it a virgin twist? Oh just give me a Dykie beehive. Send the bill to Jesse James. Thanks.
AngelMc said…
Ohhhh I remember that ad for the fall, I remember I wanted one soooo much, but back then $1.95 was like 195.00 now....Enjoyed your blog, come visit me.

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