It’s All About Nothing.

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Meet Sal.

Sal is a poet.  He has some verses he’d like to share with you.

Sal wants your honest opinion of his work, hence, he works in the nude so you won’t be distracted by his clothing, or judge him on his choice of attire.

So sit back, and listen while Sal reads his prose to you.  Enjoy.  Just don’t ask him to stand up.

borrowed from pam @ GoRetro!


What a hunk of burnin' poetry...thankfully it's not in motion.
I'd rather see him naked than listen to his poetry!
cabin + cub said…
Yes, Sal, don't get up... I will listen to you poetry from across the room. ;)
heidi said…
i am totally distracted by his crossed, hairy legs. they look like tim curry's fishnets in rocky horror picture show.
laura linger said…
I can't stop imagining how bad that porn stache stinks, considering that it was the 70s and people bathed like once a week on a good week, and that he fancied himself some 70s Porn Dude so it was probably reeking of Various Cuntal Juices Mixed With Lube And Spit. Ewwwwwwwww.
Pam said…
Ah, this one was...must have missed the fine print. Sorry! Thank you for crediting me.

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