It’s Italian Food Festival Time!

Why go to Italy when you can get the real thing from a can?


Nothing says Italian like RED.  Who needs fresh vegetables, good cheeses, lovely wines when you have Chef Boyardee.

As the roving dancers and musicians meander around your patio, crack open a can of Beefaroni and live that Tuscan lifestyle.  Pizza made with pie crust.  Meatballs made of dog food.  Pasta so soft you can feed it to people in nursing homes.  Yep, true Italian dishes.  Mangia!

This cold is kicking my ass.  My ears are ringing, my throat is like sandpaper and I have the energy of a sloth.  Hence, I’m afraid the funny is lame.  Forgive me.


I can call up the smell in my memory. Even that makes me want to gag!

Feel better! Three out of four in our household are barking like dogs! I think the spring weather is kicking our butts!
Sorry you're feeling so lousy. (FYI, your post was still funny.) Now go open a can of spaghetti-o's and feed that cold, or is it starve a cold?
The sad thing is, we all believed that crap was authentic Italian food in the early '70's.

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