It’s Not Me, It’s You

Boy, does Jack look pissed.  Looks like Lorelei hasn’t bathed recently.

odorLorelei is going “natural”, but it appears to be impeding on Jack’s sex life. 

But they can’t talk about it, because there are some things people just don’t talk about.

Like bathing.  Or seeing a doctor when you give off enough fumes to drive the rats from the room.

Poor Lorelei.  She won’t be getting any tonight.  A squirt of spray won’t help now.


Beth said…
LOL. My favorite part of this whole post is the label...Crotch Rot!!! Can you Smell Fish?!!!! Classic
Mimi said…
Intimate Odour = Crotch Rot.

I wonder what exactly happened right before they snapped this photo? She is so ashamed and he is so angry. Oh dear.
I just found your blog and you officially made me laugh and snozzle coffee out my nose. Count me as a follower.
I needed that laugh! You're so funny!
laura linger said…

Because there is NOTHING, and I mean, NOTHING, that I find funnier than a Stanky Pussy joke. Seriously, I am 12 years old when it comes to that.

She looks like such a dainty lass, alas. Who would have thought that spreading her legs would cause all of the paint to begin stripping itself off the walls.

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