It’s not a Tumor. It’s a Cold.

Since I finally stayed home today with a nasty cold the whole office has been sharing and re-sharing, I thought I’d pull out the medicine.  Ad that is.


Does this woman look like one that would care that Gordon has a cold, let alone bring him some Contac?  I think not.  In fact, she barely looks of age!  Take good care of that sex offender charge, Gordon.

I took Contac once and it nearly took me out.  Man, that stuff has super duper diphenhydramine in it…I slept all day and all night, which, I guess, is good when you have a cold, but not good when you’re trying to be a bridesmaid.

Nowadays, the tiny time capsules that made Contac famous don’t exist, thanks to the Tylenol scare. 

So I’ll just bundle up and continue wishing that there is someone out there who will some day bring me chicken soup and Contac when I’m sick.  Meanwhile, I’ll be in the kitchen.


Hope you're feeling better soon. Drink lots of fluids.
Oooooh, Contac capsules...I had a bad reaction to them back in the early 70s. Never felt so drugged up in my life. Never took them again. Hardly had a cold since.

I love it that you have a subject category of snotty!!
Beth said…
I am sending you the mental version my famous Jewish mother chicken soup. The recipe was handed down from my great grandmother, Chrechivkn (pronounced the way it is spelled)who smuggled the recipe out of russia in her bloomers.
If anyone wants some there is plenty to go around.

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