Let Me Get This Straight…

She has to cook, clean, wipe the snotty noses, participate in the PTA, carpool, grocery shop, buy clothing, do the laundry, go to the beauty parlor to be “boss is coming for dinner” beautifulhousewife paint, garden, wash windows, wax the floors, feed the dog AND then paint?

Are you kidding me?

I can see where this ad would appeal to the men folk – latex paint so she doesn’t have to dirty up his work shop with turpentine and dirty brushes, and it’s a tough paint so when she’s washing the walls, it will be easier on her. Look at her walls, she obviously needs a lesson on measuring pots for cooking spaghetti and how to not fling sauce.  You want her painting too?

We’ve come a long way, baby.


Your labels for the post are great and so handy just in case someone is googling for info on lazy assed husbands who are slobs. Oh and glad you liked my table, bee-atch. And I say that with affection as I sit here gobbling the most delish chocolate . . .
Well, if she's already up I don't see any problem with her doing a bit of painting. ;o)
Lidian said…
I don't want to eat what she's cooking if she's painting at the same time!
Good thing she can paint. As big a mess as she is making, I think she'll be touching up very often!

Once again, you crack me up!

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