Man. Fire. Arg.

See Frank.  Frank can start fire.  See Vita.  Vita impressed.lighter

“What is this impressive thing you hold in your hand, Frank?” “It’s a lightning bolt, Vita, I invented it myself.”

“Take me.” says Vita.

A “sophisticated lighter” that only “an electronics engineer or a physicist could understand.”  Friction, rock, fire.  Man, that was hard.  Should have stayed in school and gotten that degree. 

Vita needs to get out more.


I lose out on all the chicks since I quit carrying a lighter.
Why does it look like he is lighting a bong? Maybe it's the angle of my screen!
Aren't ad people amazing? They make lighting a cigarette a major sexual adventure. The look of wonder on Vita's face is hilarious. Yup, "take me" is exactly the hoped-for reaction.
I think she's saying "Don't bogart that bong, my friend..."

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