My First Giveaway!!!

As I was sitting around today reading blogs, I got to thinking of how many bar stools I’ve fallen off of and how my life has changed since I was in my twenties.  Reading all of your blogs sends me back to some memories I’d rather forget!!

But, I lived through them, and as a way to honor the 70s, CSN Stores has kindly offered to my readers this lovely Fondue set as my very first giveaway!!


This set includes a 3-cup ceramic pot, stainless steel stand, four stainless steel forks and a tea light candle. Made of high-quality stoneware with a non-porous glaze for excellent heat retention, the ceramic pot won't react with flavors or retain odors, and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

It’s completely up to you what you want to put inside, and we won’t say anything if you don’t share with anyone.

To enter, just leave a comment below and my handy dandy Random Generator will pick a winner Friday morning (3/5/10).  Oh, and don’t forget to check out their 200 online stores!

PS: Back to ads tomorrow!! 


Mick said…
Awesome! I have really enjoyed your blog you alwyas make me laugh with your vintage ads!
Retro Keith said…
i also love your blog and ads!
Sudha said…
ur blog is super cool!! :)
Chances are, we fell off a few of the same bar stools! Too bad we didn't know each other. I'm much wiser now....I sit on low chairs, not as far to your sense of humor. Keep sending those laughs my way.
Your blog is so fun and falling off bar stools, well it's happened to the best of us!! Fondue would be so much fun. Thanks for the chance to win.
svelteSTUFF said…
not our Mom's fondue pot... Oh, and it's not the barstools that you can remember falling off that you need to worry about!! 8-)
I HAVE NEVER FALLEN OFF A BAR STOOL IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! (CRASH! BAM! SIZZLE!!!--sounds of lightening just hitting me and my great big fat lie). I fell down alot more just walking down the street but come on--I lived in San Francisco (hills) and now near New Orleans (sidewalks from hell). Gimme that fondue pot!!!
Jen said…
I always wanted one of these. I begged my parents to get one when I was a kid but they refused. Something about not wanting to eat cheese for dinner every night, which was my selling point.
capewood said…
Years ago we had a wine and cheese party (this was of course in the 1980s) and tried to make a cheese fondue using the fondue set we had gotten as a wedding gift. I don't remember what sort of cheese we were using but the stuff just wouldn't melt. I have no idea where that fondue set is today.

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