No, I’m Not Cold, Why Do You Ask?

Astrid is a popular girl.
Astrid has a secret.  She’s not really cold, she just wanted that “sensual cold weather look” without letting gravity take control.
The boys like it, but I have to ask, if Astrid does get cold, will she have four nipples?


heidi said…
is this what jennifer aniston is always "caught" wearing? omg. i'd have 4 nipples, as my real boobs would shift to their natural lower position. ugh. this is hilarious!
She looks great from my point of view.
What a great Halloween costume--wear one of those bras around your chest, and two more right below it. My own personal boobs would work for the bottom row since they've sagged to about my belly button at this point. Guess what I'd be? An overworked bitch!
When you take that bra off, would you have dents? That's one way to tame those wayward nipples!
Beth said…
No offense to the guys out there, but a man had to have come up with this one. I am sure this gig put the model in therapy for a good long while.
capewood said…
Is she trying to attract Stewart from the last post?
Beth said…
Hey Sista- You won a blog award from me...come and claim it

Hello Barbara, Yes you are right down the street-You'll have to make the drive to the Historic Folsom 44th annual Antique Fair April 18th.. Thanks for stopping by, i love new comments or followers- Love this post- at the good will today and saw fake little plastic silicone boobie fillers- you slip into your bra, well my sister in law always complains about (not having boobs) so i am going to put them in her Easter Basket(as a joke) love that goodwill..

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