My New Old "Victory" Sofa and an Olympic Paint Giveaway

I'm so thrilled - I beat the pants off the guy who did my mom's trust in court, so I felt deserving of this when I stumbled across it.  

I'm not sure if you guys collect mid-century furniture, but I have been looking for this style sofa forever in thrift stores, flea markets, etc.  They always want $800-$1500 for them.

Imagine my surprise at finding one on ebay at $245.00 - in my area, with a seller willing to deliver it over 100 miles for $100.  I was thrilled.  I'm not so thrilled about the color, but upholstery can come later.

What do you think?

Oh, and in order to gain extra entries to an Olympic paint giveaway, I need to post this:

Blogger High-Heel Foot In the Door is having a contest and the prize is two gallons of Olympic paint and a gallon of primer.  If you're interested, go here: High Heel Foot In the Door


Barbara said…

There's a contest for free Olympic paint at that site. Guess I should make it clearer!!
happileah said…
I LOVE it! It gives me hope that my sofa will find me one day, as well.

I love the color too!
Retro Keith said…
I LOVE IT! The color is good too! similar in style to the $700 Corona sofa at Macys
Barbara said…
But better built Keith!!
Mick said…
YOUR KIDDING ME! I have this sofa and 2 matching chairs staked out at our local church. Eventually they will sell them and I will be there waiting to swoop in with a $50!~
Apparently High-Hell and High-Heel Foot in the Door are either married or related in some way, but I'm pretty sure I know which one is the fashionista and which one is just, you know, bad. BTW, awesome sofa.
Barbara said…
Shakes fist at Christine...I fixed the boo boo.
I'm jealous, I want one just like it. Actually I want two just like it--and I love the color!
The couch is fabulous! I've wondered about buying and selling furniture on e-bay! The color is great...and I'm not a blue girl!
Dolores said…
Oh mylanta! I love it. I think the color is perfect!! It's a keeper.
Unknown said…
Oh I love it and I love the color too but that's me :) I know its not everyone... Fabulous!
Lidian said…
I love it and the color - LOVE the color! What a fabulous find!

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